Guide to this appendix

This website is an appendix to a series of websites called "The Smith-Hall nexus". On this website are pages of information that apply to more than one segment of ancestry of Bethel Theodore Smith and Gladys Hall. These webpages, still under constrctuction, include:

– Our family in wartime, including the French and Indian, Revolutionary, and Civil Wars.

– Unusual people in the family tree, including information on such people as Brian O'Boru and Lady Jane Grey, plus a Frodi and a Gandolf.

– General notes, mostly birthing pains, although there is additional information the Carneys and Shugarts.

– Notes on local geography, including a discussion of places mentioned in these records and some speculation on how roads might have changed over time, plus some maps and photos.

– Sources, an attempt to include as many of the sources I cite on all the websites.


This website is one in a series devoted to the ancestors of Gladys Hall and Thiddo Smith of Northwest Georgia. Others in this series are:

The Smith-Hall nexus

The Smith line

The Buttrum line

The Collins in North Carolina and North Georgia


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Marion Smith